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Calls for Submissions From the Public

Submissions about possible short to medium term changes to the current arrangements for allocating smartnumbers® to improve allocative efficiency must be received by...

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Barriers to Skype on mobiles evaporate

Brisbane Times
New Skype apps for the iPhone and Symbian platforms will allow mobile users to bypass telco voice networks completely, making calls using the internet over the 3G data network...

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Outcome: 1.0, Output: 1.1                  Question: 137
Topic: Smart numbers
Written Question on Notice
Senator Conroy asked:

1. The smart number auction system for freecall numbers that spell a word or business name commenced in 2004. Since that time a secondary market in these numbers has arisen. Did the Government contemplate that such market would develop?

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Novel domain decision clarifies tests for consolidation of multiple complaints

Australian Trade Marks Law Blog

In National Dial A Word Registry Pty Ltd and others v. 1300 Directory Pty Ltd (WIPO Case No. DAU2008-0021) an Administrative Panel Decision of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center handed down on 6 March, 2009, the Complaint was submitted by nine complainants against one respondent. More info HERE.

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Phonewords around the World

Wikipedia- The Free Encyclopedia

The main advantages of phonewords over standard phone numbers include increased memorability and increased response rates to advertising. They are easier to remember than numeric phone numbers….

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"Smarter than the average number ..."

Julian Gyngell's talk on "Phonewords and Finance", kindly hosted yesterday at the London office of McDermott Emery & Will, was a treat for those who attended. In short, * Australia has instituted a system by which Smartnumbers, these being the numerical bases for alphanumerical telephone numbers, are auctioned to the highest bidder, subject to minimal conditions and limitations…

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In Praise of Picking Up the Phone  Thrive Global

Millennials don't like to pick up the phone, but there is a lost art in doing so.

Can I use a tablet as a replacement for my smartphone?  TechRadar

I ditched my smartphone for a few days to see if a tablet would work in its place.

Flagship phones have gone completely mad and it's all our fault  TechRadar

I can't watch it again. I just can't. Won't. You can't make me. Please. Advertisement. I don't care about the Samsung Galaxy Fold's inconvenient, well, 'fold' down ...

Behrouz Boochani's mission to change offshore detention laws using a smuggled mobile phone  ABC News

He won Australia's richest prize for literature, but Behrouz Boochani wasn't there to accept it. He was on Manus Island, more than 2000 days after he arrived on ...

Bob Dylan Wants You To Stop Taking Photos Of Him On Stage  Music Feeds

Bob Dylan is famously a man of few words, but last night he gave a rare statement regarding a longstanding policy he's had at his concerts for years: phones ...

3 Ways the Pixel 3a Can Change Midrange Phones Forever  Tom's Guide

Cheap phones have always been a bit dull. If Google plays its cards right with the Pixel 3a, it could change that.

These phones give you the most battery life per dollar  The Next Web

Ever wondered which phone will give you the best battery life? Well, we worked it all out for you with maths and data and ingenuity.

GINNIE GRAHAM: Teens need lesson on how to answer a phone  Scottsbluff Star Herald

Teens need lesson on how to answer a phone. By Ginnie Graham. Columnist. Three words were the longest of the greetings any teenager has provided to me, ...

Break’s over: Who’s still up for the Galaxy Fold?  SlashGear

Samsung has had better days. After exploding phones, faulty foldable screens were the last thing it could want. From its PR to R&D departments, things must be.

Sunday Puzzle: City Sounds  NPR

On-air challenge: I'm going to read you some sentences. Each one conceals the name of a U.S. city both phonetically and by spelling. Name the cities. Example: ...

Huawei P30 Pro camera tips and tricks: great ways to improve your images  Digital Camera World

The P30 Pro is a smartphone which has fantastic picture-taking capabilities - that is why we have developed this Huawei P30 Pro tips and tricks guide to make ...

The Small iPhone Isn’t Dead: 4.7-inch Model Tipped for March 2020  Tom's Guide

A report suggests that Apple will release a 4.7-inch iPhone next spring that offers a state-of-the-art processor and a $649 price tag.

The 20 best iPhone tips and tricks to make your life easier  Business Insider

The iPhone is a powerful device, if you know how to use it.

Sri Lanka bombings: Hotel survivor recalls windows and ceilings falling apart  Sydney Morning Herald

On Sunday morning, Akshat Saraf was packing his bags in his room on the 25th floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Colombo with his wife and 11-month-old baby.

Lena Dunham made 'a huge mistake' posting Jemima Kirke's phone number on social media  Daily Mail

The 32-year-old shared photos to celebrate their friendship, but posted her private number and later deleted the Instagram story after Jemima pleaded that her ...

Notre Dame, like Easter, tells us death can't have the last word  The Times

When Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames last week, people in Paris and around the world watched in silence, perhaps trying to make sense of what was ...

How To Turn Satisfied Customers Into Loyal Customers  Forbes

Sandy Rogers understands customer *service* and loyalty. He is the former senior vice president for corporate strategy at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and is currently ...

Intel Abandons 5G Phone Modem Development  Interesting Engineering

What does Intel's official exit from the 5G phone market say about the future of the 5G network? Some developers maintain hope that cost and effectiveness can ...

Blind date: ‘I successfully acquired her phone number’  The Guardian

James, 25, account manager, meets Emily, 24, events coordinator.

How the Mueller investigation was hampered by encryption apps and disappearing messages  CNN

New York (CNN) Robert Mueller and his team accumulated scores of communications over its nearly two year investigation -- not just texts and emails, but also ...

How to use Siri to plan your night out  iMore

Did you know that Siri can be a great help to you when it comes to finding new restaurants to try and even getting reservations for you? Here's how Siri can help ...

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro camera features are no joke and we have the pictures to prove it  Mashable SE Asia

By now, you probably know that the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro phones are at the top when it comes to smartphone photography. The company has shown us ...

Forgiving Joe Biden  BuzzFeed News

The day that made Joe Biden vice president was the worst day of his public career: the brisk afternoon of Jan. 22, 2007. Biden had lunch by the Wilmington train ...

Warrior Words: How I learned that Wilton is not like the real world  The Wilton Bulletin

Warrior Words columnists tells how he discovered the real world outside of Wilton.

Exclusive: First Look At The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL Official Renders  Android Headlines

Here's a first look at official renders of both the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. Neither of these phones have been announced yet, although they have been widely ...

The Samsung Galaxy Fold fiasco is the best example yet of why Apple always waits to get into new markets  Business Insider

Apple hasn't released a folding phone. And the fiasco around the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which some reviewers say can break, helps show why.

The Must-Have When Reporting on Disasters: A Satellite Phone  The New York Times

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Thomas Fuller, a national correspondent based in San Francisco, ...

Bangladeshi girl set on fire, killed for reporting teacher’s sexual abuse  South China Morning Post

Two men confessed to luring her to the school roof, dousing her in kerosene and setting her on fire. But she survived, only briefly enough to record what ...

How Much RAM Does My Smartphone Really Need?  PCMag.com

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, more RAM is always better. However, it might not matter th.

4 bad work habits you should break before age 35  Ladders

With over a decade of work experience under your belt, you should be able to set aside some not-so-great habits that may have hindered your past progress.

Prosecutors celebrate victory after ruling in Gallagher war crimes case  NavyTimes.com

A Navy judge ruled that evidence from Gallagher's seized cell phones can be used in court.

How to delete all of the contacts on your iPhone with a few taps  Business Insider

You can delete all of the contacts on your iPhone in a few quick steps via the iCloud tab in the phone's Settings app. Here's how to do it.

New OnePlus 7 renders showcase a surprisingly familiar Android flagship phone  BGR

Samsung has sucked a lot of the air out of the room with its Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy Fold, and soon-to-be-revealed Galaxy Note 10, but there are plenty of ...

Get Ready: Voice Assistants Are Coming to Your Conference Room  PCMag AU

Once trapped inside smartphones, voice assistants are now finding new homes in different form factors. Voice assistants are digital assistants that use voice ...

Why You Should Use a Password Manager  Fortune

Have you ever used ABCDE or 12345 as a website password? If so, you're not alone. Too many people use weak or common passwords for their online ...

How to Quit Your Phone and Change Your Life By … Doing Nothing  The Ringer

Anxiety about tech dependence—how social media is rewiring brains and worsening lives, or how tech companies are building monopolies and spying on ...

Off-duty cop gets involved after fatal shooting on Lower Wacker, prompting internal affairs investigation  Chicago Tribune

A 24-year-old man was killed early Easter Sunday in a shooting on Lower Wacker near Lake Shore Drive, according to Chicago police.

Crystal Lake community holds vigil for missing boy to "light the way for AJ"  WLS-TV

A 5-year-old Crystal Lake boy last seen on Wednesday night remains missing, and police said Friday that they are focusing their investigation on the boy's ...

Farmville game spam battle couldn't stop Words with Friends maker Zynga  USA TODAY

Zynga survived a Facebook algorithm change by focusing on the hits and updating them, while bringing in acquisitions for new games.

Buy Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and OnePlus 6T Smartphones At Lowered Prices On GeekBuying  gizmochina

If you've been waiting with bated breath for smartphone prices to drop, now's the time!GeekBuying has teamed-up with leading handset manufacturers.

Future - How and why did religion evolve?  BBC News

Humanity's most puzzling behaviour has deep roots in our evolutionary past.

Protect your child  Krugersdorp News

It very important to teach children about safety and also provide them with the necessary tips to prevent them from being victimised. During. the Easter holiday ...

On Computers: Goodbye old Windows, hello Chromebook  Worcester Telegram

We heard from several readers who were wondering if they should buy a Chromebook to replace their old Windows machine.A reader writes: “I saw an article ...

My View: Family bonds solidify as a life ebbs away  Buffalo News

By Christina McNeil It was a typical phone call from my mother. We chatted about work, our pets, the wather. Then she started talking about her week and ment…

OKC Dodgers: Closer Stetson Allie receives big surprise with return of older brother from deployment  NewsOK.com

Oklahoma City Dodgers closer Stetson Allie first raised his arms in disbelief. He had to force himself to crouch behind home plate as his emotions ran wild.

Esther Wojcicki's Secrets for Raising Great Leaders  Fortune

Esther Wojcicki didn't set out to raise CEOs. But she knew she wanted her children—and students—to have an upbringing vastly different from the one she had ...

Stephen Graham says This Is England role nearly ended his acting career  BT TV

Stephen Graham has said he almost “lost” himself while playing a violent fascist in This Is England, and that the role nearly ended his acting career. The Line Of ...

'Amityville Horror' paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren dies at 92  CTPost

MONROE — 1974 had been weird enough already. Americans were reeling from the energy crisis, Watergate and the resignation of their president.

Now Pay Attention, Dear Reader. No, Not to That Article, to This One.  The New York Times

The subject of attention is everywhere in publishing these days, spanning disparate genres from self help to satire to fiction.

Emily Maitlis: ‘I’ve ended up in prison a number of times’  The Guardian

Born in Canada, Maitlis, 48, studied English at Cambridge University and began her career in business journalism with NBC Asia. She has been part of the BBC ...

'I'm either too black or not black enough': One teenager's experience  BBC News

This is what it means to be black: one African-American teenager's experience, in her own words.

'I've been killing them for 20 years... on 5 different continents': Man cited after racist rant  KPRC Click2Houston

A man was cited with multiple misdemeanors Monday after going off on a racist rant at a cellphone store in Friendswood.

Robert Caro: ‘The more facts you collect, the closer you come to the truth’  The Guardian

The great biographer on his monumental series on President Johnson, how he works – and why his task is important.

Local News, Hiro's BBQ opens on Northwest Boulevard  Coeur d'Alene Press

Hiro's BBQ has opened where Philly Express was at 1500 Northwest Blvd.The menu includes smokin' ribs and sandw.

Court clears father, 3 sons of mutual assault in UAE  Khaleej Times

The father was facing charges of swearing at his sons, daughter and first wife, and also assaulting two sons.

Make your mark: the enduring joy of drawing  The Guardian

On the eve of Draw Art Fair London, the first fair dedicated to drawing, we celebrate the freest and first of all art forms.

Nomophobia: Word of the year 2018 by Cambridge Dictionary  NEWS.com.au

It describes a social condition that psychologists warn is increasingly common in our modern world, but chances are you have never heard of it. Yet this new ...

iPhone trick will stop autocorrect changing swear word to ‘ducking’  NEWS.com.au

This could be the most valuable piece of information you learn all year, and I'm honoured to be the one to share it with you.

A Woman Has Accused India’s Most Senior Judge Of Sexual Harassment  BuzzFeed News

NEW DELHI — The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India has been accused of sexual harassment by a junior assistant, and of allegedly orchestrating a ...

What Trump is guilty of  American Thinker

Donald Trump, the president of the United States, behaved as any innocent man would, behave having been framed by fabricated propaganda prepared by ...

Woolworths Reveals New Disney Words Collectables  Canstar Blue

The collectables craze continues! Woolworths has confirmed a new partnership with Disney to 'add a dash of magic' to grocery shopping – and take on rival ...

Meet "Maaf Garnu Hola" sisters behind the irritating announcement of Ntc, Ncell  Nepalitelecom

Have you ever felt irritated with the “Maaf Garnu Hola” announcement in Ntc and Ncell while dialing a number!!! Well yes most of us have felt that way and it's not ...

How a drug gang devastated our helpless family  The Guardian

Joe, 15, was an A-grade pupil. Now he's being groomed, brutalised and terrified by a county lines gang. One family member tells their powerful, traumatic story.

Fake news? Mueller findings show reporting on Russia had it mostly right  MarketWatch

President Donald Trump and his team love to deride stories unfavorable to the administration as “fake news,” but it's clear from Robert Mueller's report that...

Two friends shot dead in the neighborhood. What could he do? Keep writing music.  Washington Post

The slight teenager stepped into the windowless recording studio. He put on oversize gold headphones and tilted his head up, exuding the confidence of a ...

The Season  Yale Daily News

The acceptance letter is enclosed in a glossy red folder, the kind that shows sweat marks when you take your thumbs off. There's a picture on the front, a group of ...

Buy Top-Notch Speakers from Leading Brands at Lowered Prices [Coupons]  gizmochina

There are several options available in the market today for music lovers who fancy listening to their favorite tunes even on the go. You can choose from wired, ...

The meaning of the words of the year - Johnson  The Economist

CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY recently selected “nomophobia” as its word of the year, via a poll of readers. Those lucky enough not to have heard of this condition ...

These 3 New WhatsApp Features Will Soon Make Their Way To Android Users  PhoneWorld Magazine

The Facebook Owned Social Messaging App, Whatsapp is working on some new features that are expected to make their way to the users soon. WABetaInfo ...

Founder buys out Telstra's majority stake in PhoneWords  CRN Australia

The founder of Telstra PhoneWords has led a consortium to acquire Telstra's 85 percent stake in the company, which sells personalised 1...

Going screen-free: Seacoast Digital Fast to take place May 3 to 5  Foster's Daily Democrat

It's a challenge that has full grown adults hyperventilating, and young children in tears. One can imagine the collective shudder at the very words: 48 hours, 100 ...

Apple owes everyone an apology and it should start with me, specifically  The Outline

Its butterfly keyboard design has failed, but Apple has yet to substantially admit that it has made a very big mistake.

Autocomplete Presents the Best Version of You  WIRED

As goofy as some of your smartphone keyboard's predictions are, at least it tries to not make you look bad.

Lyra McKee’s haunting words about Troubles are shared as tributes paid to young journalist shot dead in D  The Irish Sun

The 29-year-old, who recently moved to Derry for her work, was killed after violence erupted in the Creggan area of the city. As news of her death spread this ...

Why this Arizona grandmother feels compelled to take in migrants seeking asylum  AZCentral

Churches and volunteers open their hearts and homes to the asylum seekers arriving in Phoenix.

The three words that killed hands-free driving legislation in Virginia  Virginia Mercury

Ultimately, three words led to the downfall of hands-free driving legislation that lawmakers hoped would finally allow police to crack down on widespread use of ...

DOT hosts open house, talks summer road projects  webcenter11

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities held their annual 'Super Open House', Saturday April 20, 2019.

Glued to Your Phone at the Dinner Table? Marshawn Lynch Wants to Have Some Words  Adweek

Will we ever collectively return to a time when dinners around the table included little more than food, your friends or loved ones, and polite conversation?

Nomophobia Is Cambridge Dictionary's Word of the Year For 2018—And You Might Have It  Mental Floss

Nomophobia is the Cambridge Dictionary's word of the year for 2018, and it describes a condition many of us are familiar with—even if we never knew there was ...

Murdered track star Lauren McCluskey's final words  Kidspot

A senior track star at the University of Utah was killed by a registered sex offender with whom she had a previous relationship, police and university officials said.

Woolworths Disney Words Swap Day | Date & Locations  Canstar Blue

Woolworths will be hosting a swap day for its Disney Words to help collectors complete their full sets.

Son finds Marion father 50 years after adoption  Marion Star

MARION - Frank Test had his entire life to prepare for this moment. But as he walked into the lobby of the Heartland of Marion one chilly March day, his heart ...

The Phone Number Ashton Kutcher Tweeted Comes From a Startup  WIRED

If you tried to text Ashton Kutcher today, you were prompted to sign up for a new messaging *service* called Community.

Today show viewer’s $40k cash call ‘nightmare’  NEWS.com.au

A Today viewer has spoken of her distress after she claims technical difficulties saw her miss out on the show's $40000 cash giveaway.

Former President George H.W. Bush's last words, as spoken to his son, George W. Bush  CNN

Former President George H.W. Bush spoke his final words in a phone call with his son, former President George W. Bush, a source familiar with Bush's final ...

A year without Wendi: Family seeks closure as system slogs along in murder case  Eagle-Tribune

NORTH ANDOVER — Wendi Davidson's family has spent the last year without the beloved blonde mother of two who always was a staple of family holidays.

21 Addictive Phone Games  PCMag.com

Who needs friends when you've got the best phone games on your iPhone or Android device? These fun p.

How to Make iPhone AutoCorrect Ducking Let You Swear  How-To Geek

AutoCorrect automatically fixes typos, which is convenient—but it thinks swears are typos. Your iPhone or iPad likes changing swear words into similar, incorrect ...

Local E-911 operators eager to move into new public safety building  Marshalltown Times Republican

Be it June 15 or later, the 13 professionals currently working behind the scenes as E-911 communications operators can't wait to move onto the second floor of.

Support floods in for Egg Boy, the internet's new political hero  SBS

It's hard to imagine how one chicken ovum and one 17-year-old could bring the world so much joy. Egg Boy made that happen.

HQ Words: Everything you need to know  Android Central

HQ Words is here, and it looks like a really, really fun cross between Wheel of Fortune and Hangman.

Cory Monteith's mother shares her harrowing phone call with Lea Michele after his death.  Mamamia

Cory Monteith final words: Five years on from the Glee star's death, his mother has revealed the phone call she received from his girlfriend Lea Michele.

Upper Valley businesses stung by alleged payroll tax embezzlement scheme  Valley News

WEST LEBANON — Every Friday afternoon, without fail, Ryan Wall would pull up in his car at the offices of J.A.S. Auto in White River Junction to personally ...

"I went on a perfect date. Then the next morning, I got a five-word text that ruined it all."  Mamamia

Being the other woman: The five-word text message that tore everything apart. Alita went on a perfect date, then received a text.

My phone number was leaked online and used against me. Here's what to do if it happens to you  ABC News

You wake up one morning to find private photos — ones you definitely didn't want public — plastered all over the internet. Here's what to do next.

Thousand Oaks California shooting: Hero cop’s final phone call to wife  NEWS.com.au

SARGEANT Ron Helus was on the phone to his wife when reports of a shooting first came through.

Jazz test Harden’s limits. So do their hecklers.  Houston Chronicle

When the Rockets' series shift to Utah, players know they can expect to get an earful from the Jazz fans, who have sometimes crossed the line.

How to Improve Gboard Accuracy by Deleting Suggested Words You'd Never Use  WonderHowTo

Predictive text is a common feature in most mobile keyboards these days. However, many times, its guesses are way off, sometimes hilariously so. As absurd as ...

How to Search Real-World Text for Words & Phrases Using Your iPhone  WonderHowTo

Safari has a convenient "Find" feature to search for specific words and phrases in a webpage, and Apple Books has a similar feature for e-books and PDFs.

Big Tech Is Here to Help You Fight Excessive Phone Use—Kinda  WIRED

How Google, Apple, and Facebook turned "digital wellness" into a Goopified trend that gives them a new way to market themselves.